Make Great LittleBigPlanet Level, Get a Job

The level editor in MediaMolecule's upcoming customizable PS3 platformer LittleBigPlanet could net talented creators more than internet fame--it could land them a paying job.

Speaking to CVG, producer Pete Smith said that the team at MediaMolecule plans to closely watch the game's oft-touted user-created level marketplace for talented Little Big auteurs. "We will be aware of who those awesome designers are and certainly there's the potential to get them building levels as part of [our] team," he said.


Smith mentioned two possibilities for the designers who rise to the cream of the crop. "[We could] get the top ten guys and commission them to make some amazing stuff for us," he offered. Or a lucky creator could skip that process and become a real-deal game designer: "It'll be a great way for us to recruit great new designers."

Aspiring designers have just under two months to polish their resumes and their skills, as LittleBigPlanet releases in late October.