China: 4 Million Youths Addicted to 'Unhealthy' Internet Games

By Blake Ellison, Aug 29, 2008 4:28pm PDT Over 4 million of China's youth are addicted to what the state deems "unhealthy" online games, claims a Chinese lawmaker.

The 4 million represent ten percent of Chinese internet users under 18, according to the AFP. The term "unhealthy games" could refer to any number online games including Blizzard's World of Warcraft, which boasts millions of subscribers in China. The same games were called "spiritual opium" by another Chinese lawmaker earlier this year.

In the announcement, the Chinese government calls for hard-coded time limits in games and stricter content monitoring in games. Previously, the government has tried a number of methods to curb internet addiction, including cybercafe age and time limits.

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  • I'm an ex-mmo user and for 2 years now, "healthy" gamer. I can safely say that I've lived more in 22 years than majority of 35 year olds have [there isn't enough room here for my life story]. I don't attack your intelligence because you've lost 2% multiplied by x decades of your brain, so don't attack my experience based on age. I don't think it's the government, nor the studios responsibility to keep your kids off of MMO's. IT'S YOUR'S YOU IRRESPONSIBLE ****** ******! I'm just using common sense here, but if the kid is messed up it's one of three things. Environmental factors have scarred him, his genes has messed him up or your parenting sucks. The latter is more common that it ought to be. MMO's are unhealthy and majority of the kids playing it have parents who are at best ignorant of what exactly MMO's do to kids and at worst SUCK AT BEING PARENTS. Take it or leave it, but that's the rawest the truth will get!