Max Payne Movie Trailer: Exceedingly 'Awesome'

The Hollywood adaptation of Remedy's action series Max Payne is almost upon us, and with that Hollywood has delivered an official theatrical trailer previewing the Mark Wahlberg flick premiering October 17th.

The trailer previews the film's gunplay and story, both of which draw heavily from the PC series, as well as hinting at Max's relationship with female assassin Mona, played by Mila Kunis.

Shacknews editor Chris Faylor expressed relief with the lack of "recurring baby screams" in the trailer. "Please, please no having recurring baby screams," he repeated, adding, "Or maze-like dream sequences."

Meanwhile, movie-hating newbie Shacknews editor Blake Ellison asserted, "There are not enough expletives in the English language to describe how awesome this movie is going to be."