Left 4 Dead DLC Will Include More Levels, Enemies; Xbox 360 Version Uses Dedicated Servers

By Blake Ellison, Aug 29, 2008 10:07am PDT Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek has let loose with some intriguing details on the downloadable content for Valve's upcoming fast-paced zombie-tastic shooter for PC and Xbox 360. And yes, a flamethrower might be involved.

The company plans to add new scenarios to the game's initial 4, as well as new bosses and weapons. "There were strong hints at a flamethrower coming not long after launch," 1UP reported after talking to Faliszek.

The Valve writer also promised that the studio aims to make that DLC available more quickly than they have done with Team Fortress 2. It is unknown whether that content will be free on Xbox 360, as Valve's penchant for free content on its PC games has met with resistance from Microsoft when releasing new content on Xbox Live Marketplace.

For the Xbox 360 version, Valve plans to offer dedicated servers for Xbox Live players. Most Xbox Live games use peer-to-peer connections, which can impact performance depending on players' internet connections. While numbers for the servers were not given, Valve "did imply that they'd have everyone covered."

The console port of the game is being handled by Certain Affinity, the new studio headed by Bungie alum and Halo 2 multiplayer lead Max Hoberman. The Xbox 360 version will get a number of concessions to handle playing the breakneck game on a controller, such as zombies that attack from behind less frequently and a "180 button" to turn around quickly.

Both Xbox 360 and PC versions of Left 4 Dead will arrive on November 18.

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  • I would expect a faster release of DLC content than TF2 since new weapons and enemies don't need to be perfectly balanced in order to prevent the game from being completely ruined. It's also not like TF2 where they have to come up with some crazy idea for a gun. You just pick one in real life, make a model, animate it, create some sound and slap it into the game. New enemies might be a little trickier, but 4 will probably be fine for quite some time.

    I'm worried about maps though, hopefully they don't re-use art assets like TF2. I think I read that textures in TF2 are particularly hard to create and that's why we haven't seen many. We'll see how it works out, I guess.