New Spore Trailer Details Civilization Stage

by Chris Faylor, Aug 26, 2008 6:11am PDT
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With the September 7 release of Spore (PC, Mac) looming, publisher Electronic Arts has provided a new glimpse of the civilization gameplay found in Maxis' upcoming life sim.

For more on Spore's various stages, which range from cellular to galactic, check out our hands-on preview and past coverage.


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  • "whereas military units could ... blow them up. [...] and you're basically trying to take over the world. Other tribes are forming around you and they're basically your competitors. [...] there's a fairly deep diplomacy model, so [other tribes] will remember what you've done: whether you've fought with them *or* attacked them. [...] I really enjoy sending my vehicles over and ... maybe attacking their cities and [watching] how they react to my attacks. [...] My favorite portion of [the civilization era] is using the super-weapons. If you fight with another [tribe], you're always fighting your enemies with them at your side, for example."

    Kind of leaves a different impression of Spore than I've heretofore gotten, actually.