New Warhawk Expansion Priced, Bundled

By Blake Ellison, Aug 25, 2008 12:48pm PDT Operation: Fallen Star, the third and latest expansion in the PlayStation 3 multiplayer shooter Warhawk series, will be released on August 28th at a price of $7.99 according to the PlayStation Blog. The price is in line with previous expansions.

Warhawk Game Director Dylan Jobe added that all three expansions will also be available as a bundle for $15.99.

Operation: Fallen Star one map, over 30 ways to play existing maps, and a jetpack to the critically-acclaimed online shooter.

The expansion will see release a day after an upcoming patch, which will add the PlayStation 3's new Trophies and custom playlists to the game. The patch will be free for all players.

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