Space Invaders Exhibit Featuring WTC Attack Angers Relatives of 9/11 Victims, Developer Taito

A version of Space Invaders in which the aliens destroy the World Trade Center towers has now caught the attention of Space Invaders developer Taito.

The Japanese company is threatening legal action over the game, which it calls an "unauthorized and impermissible misuse" of its franchise content. BOOM video 818 The motion-controlled game in question, created by Douglas Stanley and presented at the Leipzig Games Convention, portrays a slow-moving alien attack on the Twin Towers. No matter how fast players attack the aliens, the towers inevitably fall.

Alongside the installation, pictures of George W. Bush in a flight suit and a gun-toting John Wayne are interspersed between scenes from films such as Independence Day and Die Hard, according to Kotaku. A press release for the game calls it an "articulated and critical commentary about the current war strategy."

Developer Taito, which released the original Space Invaders in 1978, was not happy to see its famous intellectual property being used for artistic or political purposes.

"Taito is seriously considering all available options--including legal actions against the infringer and, if necessary, the Games Convention exhibitor involved," said the company in a press release.

Meanwhile, disturbed family members of World Trade Center victims--who appear to have not played the game--were quoted in a New York Daily News piece titled "Disgrace Invaders."

"It's very, very distasteful," said Zachary Fletcher, a fan of the original Space Invaders whose twin brother was killed in the attacks on September 11.

"Aliens are not going to attack the World Trade Center," he added. "What reason would they attack the World Trade Center? That makes no sense at all."