First Heavy Rain Trailer and Screenshots Emerge

By Chris Faylor, Aug 20, 2008 9:14am PDT Two years after its debut as a tech demo, publisher Sony today provided the first trailer and in-game screenshots of Quantic Dream's "adult thriller" Heavy Rain, a PlayStation 3 exclusive due out in late 2009.

Similar to Quantic Dream's adventure title Indigo Prophecy, Sony explained that "the dynamic narrative [of Heavy Rain] unfolds through the players actions--not cut scenes--and every action has a consequence."

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  • The cinematic look of this is impressive.. BUT please consider removing the quicktime event floating icons, and replace the system with one that makes use of the analog stick where you swing it towards the direction of the object/interaction that you expect to work.. like a clockface using the locations of things on the screen. it can be done for all of the events in the trailer and offer a lot more than QTE button presses can. It would remove all need for icons floating and simply rely on player's intuition. It would make your game a lot more interactive in nature and also potentially more groundbreaking if done correctly. Especially if, as far as directing and composition expertise goes, the player's expectations were always met due to each shot being crafted well, actors being believable and readable, without being led by SHITTY FLOATING BUTTON ICONS THAT DISTRACT from each shot. lol.

  • Simon Says button sequences need to DIAF Yesterday. What the hell is wrong with pure adventure games? I see no upside to this horrifically outdated game mechanic.

    I'd much rather watch a cool non-interactive sequence, than be frustrated and pissed off from frenetic pattern scrutiny, while missing said scene from arbitrary focus. It's like getting an annoying phone call in the middle of an important scene when watching a movie.

    I really enjoyed the first few chapters of Fahrenheit, and was hoping Heavy Rain would improve things/go more in that direction. Honestly, this trailer leaves me concerned and wary about the game. :/