Xbox 360 Completely Sold Out in Japan

By Chris Faylor, Aug 19, 2008 8:55pm PDT In a surprising turn of events, Japan is completely sold out of Xbox 360 hardware. Microsoft's Japanese branch revealed the news today, issuing an apology to customers and promising that the next hardware shipment would arrive in September.

The Xbox hardware has traditionally experienced low sales in Japan, but sales were apparently sparked by the recent Japanese debut of Namco Bandai's Xbox 360 exclusive Tales of Vesperia. The action-RPG is due out in North America next week.

Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia, an Xbox 360 exclusive.

"Currently, the Xbox 360 is sold out, and retailers are unable to restock their supply," reads the official Microsoft statement, as translated by Kotaku.

"This is a result of our own sales targets being exceeded by the actual customer sales," the company continued. "We deeply apologize for this inconvenience to our customers, retailers and business partners...We truly thank you for your patronage hereafter."

A similar sales boost accompanied the Xbox 360-exclusive release of Namco Bandai's Ace Combat 6 last year, though that spike did not lead to hardware shortages.

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  • Tales of Vesperia is probably the biggest Japanese centric game that will be released on the system with Final Fantasy XIII not being released for the 360 there. It really shows the state of things when they decide to do a press release for a game that sold 100k units and 23k hardware units (10k of those being packed with limited edition figurines from Bandai which is the ultimate nerd hard-on over there) in its first week.

    I'll be more amazed if they ever release a press statement that states that they managed to sell over 1 million units in Japan.