Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update Released

by Chris Faylor, Aug 19, 2008 2:39pm PDT
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The much-anticipated Heavy update is now available for Team Fortress 2, bringing a wealth of new content to the PC version of Valve's class-based multiplayer shooter.

Automatically downloaded upon logging into Steam, the update packs the new Arena mode, the Badwater Basin Payload map, community member Jamie Mason's CP_Steel along an assortment of achievements for the Heavy class and three unlockable item: Natscha, the Killing Gloves of Boxing and the healing Sandvich.

In addition to the update, Valve delivered a new entry in its "Meet The" series, offering viewers a humorous introduction to the Sanvich.

The specific changes include:

  • Added 3 Heavy unlockables

      Natascha, The Sandvich, The Killing Gloves of Boxing

  • Added 35 new Heavy achievements

  • Added Arena game mode

  • 5 arenas: Lumberyard, Ravine, Well, Granary, Badlands

  • Added cp_steel, a community map by Jamie "Fishbus" Manson


  • Added server map timeleft to upper right of scoreboard

  • Added new firing sounds to The Backburner

  • Removed the Custom Tab in the serverbrowser, and added the Tags field to the base Internet Tab

  • Increased The Kritzkrieg's uber-charge rate bonus from 10% to 25%

  • 32 player servers can now support an extra slot of SourceTV

  • Made the freezecam item panel description easier to read

  • Players now broadcast whether they chose a team directly or use autoteam

  • Added proper handling of cart blocking recognition to Payload maps

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where switching from flaregun-wielding Pyro to another class meant you didn't get a full ammo loadout on first spawn

  • Fixed Spy watch arm not using team skins

  • Fixed weapon switching preventing you from using secondary attacks for a 0.2s window after the primary became available

  • Fixed players getting stuck in a bad animation state when class switching while spinning the minigun

  • Fixed a loophole that allowed players to pickup weapons of other classes

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in players earning more crit chance bonus in large, single damage events than they are supposed to

  • Fixed an issue with the floating HUD +X health indicators that resulted in them appearing incorrectly

  • Fixed a bug which caused the minigun spinning & firing sounds to occasionally stop while the Heavy was still firing

  • Fixes the Loadout player model panel causing the in-game player facial animation to perform incorrectly

  • Fixed spectators not having the target ID labels display correctly

  • Fixed the cart alarm sound occasionally getting stuck on in Payload maps


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