Overlord 2 Announced; Overlord Also Heading To Wii & Nintendo DS

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 14, 2008 3:15am PDT

The fantasy action adventure game Overlord will be followed by a sequel next year, Codemasters and developer Triumph Studios anounced today.In development for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Triumph promises "epic battles, all new Minion play mechanics, stunningly detailed new visuals and a fresh theme" for the game.

The Overlord franchise is heading to new platforms as well. Also scheduled for a 2009 release are Overlord Dark Legend, an all-new action adventure game for the Wii featuring minion control through the Wii Remote and Overlord Minions, a puzzle action game for the Nintendo DS. Both these games will be developed by Climax Studios.

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  • A few major requests here:

    One, give us an item rack that can store extra weapons acquired on the battlefield so that if we do lose minions in combat, we don't have to start with all new crappy minions with no equipment.

    Two, and this is absolutely critical: pay attention to the PC controls! You wrote the controls for the game for the analog sticks on the console controller. Those sticks return to the rest position when you take your thumb off them, thus stopping the minions you were directly controlling. On the PC, when you went to control a group of minions, you'd the "rest" position was the initial location of your mouse when you started to control your minions, not simply stopping your mouse movement. Do you know how hard it is to move your mouse to an earlier position with no visual cues on the screen to accomplish this? This meant that sweeping minions on the PC became a very tedious affair. Please, please, please fix this on Overlord 2. And heck, if you want to go back to Overlord 1 and fix it with a patch there too, I certainly won't mind.

    Oh, three, make sure you get Rhianna Pratchett back for the story. Thanks!