Red Alert 3 Limited Edition Packs Beta Access for 'Future' Command & Conquer Game

By Chris Faylor, Aug 11, 2008 1:00pm PDT Beta access for a "future C&C game" will be included in a special edition of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 for the PC, European retailer GAME has revealed.

Billed as a GAME exclusive, the higher-priced "Premier Edition" of EALA's alternate history RTS game includes a metal box, five exclusive skirmish maps, a making-of DVD and beta access. A Red Alert 3-themed item for EA Mythic's upcoming PC MMO Warhammer Online will be included in both the standard and premier editions.

The studio had previously bundled beta access for Red Alert 3 with the PC edition of C&C3 expansion pack Kane's Wrath, which arrived early this year, but not the Xbox 360 release. Only one other C&C-themed project has been announced, the squad-based shooter Tiberium, though EALA has said the future of the C&C universe is "bright."

Red Alert 3 is slated to arrive on PC and Xbox 360 this October. Details on a North American release for the PC Premier Edition and the accompanying beta have yet to be revealed, though more details are expected as the game's release looms.

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  • was so looking forward to RA3..but you can only install on 5 PC's for the lifetime of the game...If they put out a revoke tool, or simply said that they would eventually remove the DRM, I would pick it up day one, but I'm not spending 50 bucks for usage restrictions.

    Meanwhile, Bethesda has Fallout 3 coming out, probably one of the best releases of the year along with L4D, with NO DRM hassels, which imo is a huge bonus and help in deciding which to buy this week.

    Last week I picked up Fable 2, Dead Space, and now Guitar Hero WT.....I'm done after this...if money's tight, I buy extra sweatshirts and turn off the heat, save lots of money in this "sound economy".