The Godfather 2 Details Emerge

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello recently confirmed to investors that a sequel to the company's The Godfather could be coming out some time early 2009. The company today announced that we'll see the game in February.

Featuring the same open-world action as the first game did, The Godfather 2 will include three distinct locations for missions: New York, Miami and Havana. In addition to "more visceral hand-to-hand brutality", the game will also feature "The Don's View", an RTS-type aspect of the game that Riccitiello revealed a few months ago. Using this view, you can build, defend and expand crime rings while keeping tabs on what rival families are up to.

"In the 1960's, a mafia Don was only as strong as his family," said executive producer Hunter Smith, adding, "We found the hierarchical culture of organized crime intriguing. Running an organized crime family in a world defined by family loyalty is something that we felt could introduce a new strategic element to the genre. That is what the Don's View is all about -- laying out a strategy to pick off the competition one by one. The Don's View is so unique, it could fundamentally change the rules of open-world games by blending action and strategy to create something entirely new."

Variety reports that the game will feature certain story elements from the second Godfather movie, intersecting with the story in the game. Though the movie was heavy on flashbacks, the game will not feature such moments.

The story on Variety also confirms the game will ship with multiplayer support.

The Godfather 2 is in development for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at EA's Redwood Shores studio.