PlayStation Store Update: Qore Episode 3, Resistance 2 and PS3 Home Beta Access, DLC

The latest update to the PlayStation 3's digital storefront sees the debut of the August edition of Sony's digital magazine Qore, along with new details concerning paid access to the upcoming beta program for Insomniac Games' shooter sequel Resistance 2.

Those gamers who buy an annual subscription to the digital magazine will be offered early access to the beta, scheduled to kick off in the near future. Single episode purchasers, meanwhile, will be guaranteed access at an undisclosed later date. Qore is priced at $2.99 per issue, or $24.99 for an annual subscription.

Also on offer is the PlayStation Home theme, which acts as an application into the latest round of beta testing for Sony Studio London's online social networking software when downloaded. As revealed earlier today, the theme is available free of charge.

The entirety of today's PlayStation Store update is viewable below.

From the PlayStation.Blog:

Qore Digital Magazine

Qore Episode 03: August, 2008 ($2.99 Issue, $24.99 Annual Subscription)
Episode 03 of Qore: Presented by the PLAYSTATION Network goes way deep into upcoming games featuring DC Super Heroes and includes an exclusive invitation to the Resistance 2 beta, some great artwork, mini-games and a few other surprises.
File size: 1.34 GB

- Qore Annual Subscribers will be invited to the beta under "Premiere" status and be given early access.
- Qore Ep 03 (single Episode) purchasers will be guaranteed access to the beta at a later date.
- All invitations will be made via email/voucher - the beta WILL NOT be accessed through the Qore download center.
- There will be multiple programs and methods to get access (or a chance to participate) in the Resistance 2 Online Beta. Details to follow.

Add-on Game Content

Snakeball Team Mode ($1.99)
Snakeball is a funky, futuristic sport set in a vibrant arena where you glide across the dazzling disco floor on your hoversnake, collecting balls and scoring goals. Chaotic action and energetic music bring together up to 8 players in entertaining online matches for a fun, unique gameplay experience.
Upgrade to Team Mode today to buddy up and play with friends online or off for team-based gameplay fun!

NASCAR 09 Montreal Track ($3.99)
The Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal is the home of the NAPA Auto Parts 200 in the Nationwide Series. This track is a long winding road course that will test the skills of even the most seasoned driver.
File size: 66.6 MB

NASCAR 09 Skin Pack 1 ($2.49)
A collection of Sprint and Nationwide alternate car skins from the 2008 NASCAR season featuring such paint schemes as Carl Edwards' Aflac, Dale Earnhardt Jr's National Guard Camouflage, Kyle Busch's Snickers, and more.
File size: 12.5 MB

NASCAR 09 Skin Pack 2 ($2.49)
A collection of Sprint and Nationwide alternate car skins from the 2008 NASCAR season featuring such paint schemes as Jeff Gordon's Pepsi, Kevin Harvick's Platinum Pennzoil, Kyle Busch's Pedigree, and more.
File size: 11.7 MB

NASCAR 09 Skin Pack 3 ($2.49)
A collection of Sprint and Nationwide alternate car skins from the 2008 NASCAR season featuring such paint schemes as Dale Earnhardt Jr's Silver and Black National Guard, Tony Stewart's Subway, Denny Hamlin's FedEx Ground, and more.
File size: 12.5 MB

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Interscope Track Pack ($6.25)
"Carcinogen Crush" by AFI, "Tina" by Flyleaf, "Putting Holes in Happiness" by Marilyn Manson, remixed by Nick Zinner For all song credits please visit www.redoctane.com.
File size: 32.6 MB

Rock Band

  • "Toxicity" - System of a Down ($1.99)
  • "B.Y.O.B" - System of a Down ($1.99)
  • "Rescue Me" - Buckcherry ($0.99)
  • "Face Down in the Dirt" - Motley Crue ($0.99)
  • "Life is Beautiful" - Sixx:A.M. ($0.99)
  • Cree Fest Pack 2 ($2.99) - includes "Rescue Me" - Buckcherry, "Face Down in the Dirt" - Motley Crue, and "Life is Beautiful" - Sixx:A.M.

File sizes: 26.2 MB - 32.2 MB (singles), 76.4 MB (track pack)

PS3 Themes (free)

PlayStation Home Theme
Customize your PS3 with a new PlayStation Home theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Be sure to download this new theme for a chance to participate in the PlayStation Home Beta.

PlayStation Store for PC

Downloadable Games
* Talkman Travel: Rome, Paris, Tokyo ($5.99 ea)