CD Projekt Shows Off The Witcher Enhanced Edition

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 06, 2008 7:27am PDT

The first few screenshots from The Witcher Enhanced Edition are now available, showing off the updated version of CD Projekt's role playing game. The upcoming re-release of the game will update just about everything including NPC variety, animations and dialogue translation.

The Witcher Enhanced Edition will be released this September as a retail product, and as a patch for current owners.

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  • I just finished my second playthrough of this last night. This is another one of those games that just doesn't get old, at least the combat anyway, some parts of the game had too much dialogue and "delivery boy" stuff imo but it's a classic as far as i'm concerned.

    It's not hard to miss a sidequest or three in this game, so even replaying it several times, you'll pretty much find something new each time you play.

    Even though the patch will be free for me to upgrade my copy, i'm going to buy another copy anyway, CD Red Projeckt deserves it IMO.