Hollywood Attempting Another Halo Movie

BOOM widget 118835 Though the first stab at a Halo movie didn't go so well, that hasn't stopped some from trying.

Stuart Beattie, the man that wrote the original treatments for the Spy Hunter and Gears of War movies, has apparently penned a script based off the first Halo book, The Fall of Reach.

Taking place before the first Halo game, the Eric Nylund-written novel details Master Chief separation from the other Spartans and what led to the discovery of Halo.

According to LatinoReview, concept artist Kasra Farahani (The Wolf Man, Avatar, Spider-Man 3) has been commissioned to provide illustrations, including the one above, that will be used in an eventual pitch to win the approval of property holder Microsoft. "From what I'm told, the presentation is very cool," wrote reporter El Mayimbe.