Uncharted Gets Trophy Support in New Patch

A new patch for Naughty Dog's third-person action-adventure title Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) has arrived, delivering support for the PlayStation 3's Achievement-like trophy system. nope

The 13MB patch will download automatically, with a prompt appearing upon starting up the title. Naughty Dog marketing manager Arne Meyer revealed that implementing trophies proved simple with the game's already built-in medal reward system.

"Choosing 47 medals during our initial development worked better than imagined because the 47 Trophies, with the appropriate point values for Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies, perfectly equaled the maximum number of trophies that can be awarded," Meyer wrote on the PlayStation.Blog.

Due to the availability of downloadable PS3 save files, players will not be rewarded retroactively for previously accomplished feats, requiring gamers to start a new game to obtain the trophies.