Doom 4 May Not Be Called Doom 4

By Chris Faylor, Aug 01, 2008 8:50am PDT While id has remained rather tight-lipped about Doom 4, designer Tim Willits has suggested that the shooter sequel won't be known as Doom 4 when it eventually hits.

Though still clearly labeled Doom, the game will sport a subtitle instead of a numeral, Willits informed Big Download.

However, id CEO Todd Hollenshead claims that a final judgment has yet to be made in the numeral versus subtitle debate. "We haven't made the decision about that yet," he told Kotaku. "There is probably a let's not make a numeral game and some say we should make it one."

Willits further noted that Doom 4 will not be a direct sequel to Doom 3, as Doom 3 reimagined the storyline of the original Doom, but refused to offer any additional details.

Announced as Doom 4 back in May, the game is slated to use the same id Tech 5 technology that powers Rage (PC, PS3, 360, Mac), but is said to look like it uses "a totally new game engine" as it will run at 30 frames per second instead of Rage's 60.

No platforms have been announced for Doom 4, though id Tech 5 can run the exact same build on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 with no problems, whereas the Mac rendition only mandates one conversion step.

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  • I always figure the point of subtitles, instead of numbers, is not to make the title more interesting but to hide the fact that you are releasing so many sequels and to confuse people about the order the releases come in. Maybe I'm just being cynical but I can't think of any other reason to drop the numbers from titles. (You can have a number and a subtitle, after all.)

    Dropping the number doesn't make a game bad or a franchise "milked" automatically, of course. Some of my favourite games have titles like that. I still don't like the trend, though. It feels like a marketing department is trying to trick us.