EA: PC Sports Games Will Return Next Year, Reinvented by 'Meaningful' Online Connectivity

During an investor conference call today, EA Sports president Peter Moore offered new details on the studio's attempts to reinvigorate its PC sports title offerings.

"We are retooling these titles [on the PC] to take advantage of the online connectivity in a bigger and more meaningful way," Moore said today, noting that EA's usual sports offerings--Madden, NCAA Football, NBA Live, etc.--will reappear on PC in 2009.

He also said the company is toying with subscription programs to reward players, but offered no further details on either subjects.

EA Sports had previously announced that several EA Sports franchises would not appear on PC this year, citing "serious business challenges" and a need to reinvigorate sports offerings on the platform.

Speaking on EA Sports' overall performance, the company further revealed that pre-orders numbers for EA Tiburon's NCAA Football 09 and Madden NFL 09 are down compared last year's iterations, though sell-through of NCAA Football have matched up to last year's figures.

Both Moore and EA CEO John Riccitiello stressed that the company is not concerned as sales have remained consistent.