EA to Sell Crysis-ready Computers

By Nick Breckon, Jul 29, 2008 12:58pm PDT Publisher Electronic Arts is planning to sell a line of PCs that will be branded and marketed as machines that can handle Crytek's beefy PC shooter Crysis.

The computers will come in several configurations, and will be released alongside Crytek's upcoming stand-alone expansion Crysis Warhead, according to some blogger.

While Crytek has mainly blamed Crysis' modest sales on PC piracy, many have pointed to the game's demanding system requirements as another culprit. Crytek has been working to optimize the engine and increase framerates for the Warhead expansion.

Crysis Warhead is scheduled for a September release.

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  • If EA can make high-performance machines more affordable to those who lack the expertise to build their own systems, it could be a boon for PC gaming.

    As it stands, if you want to run something like Crysis well, you can build your own machine for under $1000, or spend over $2000 on some boutique ripoff from HP or Dell (or their newly-acquired gaming-oriented subsidiaries). If EA were to mass produce pre-configured models at low prices, this could be a great step in bringing PC gaming back to the masses.

    I would love to get some details from EA. Let's hope for a press release and an interview soon, if this is all legit.