Space Siege Demo Released, Try GPG's Action-RPG

By Nick Breckon, Jul 29, 2008 12:39am PDT A demo for Gas Powered Games' PC action-RPG Space Siege is now available to download on FileShack.

The single-player demo clocks in at 935mb.

Space Siege is currently scheduled for an August release.

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  • i like games with upgrades and skill trees. The demo is pretty short so i couldn't really upgrade much. The AI in the game kindof is lame. The monsters just run straight at you even as your shooting them in a straight line. Kindof interesting the Diablo keys they used. TAB is to swap weapons. NumPad 1-6 is for emotes. The camera management was annoying. Also the use of blank black screens was weird. They'd be talking and the screen would be all blank. Then a movie or some cut scene would pop up. The workbench reminded me alot of KOTOR.

  • Here are the notes I took while playing, both negative and positive.

    - Bland artwork. Too clean and sterile.

    - Overall lack of environment detail. Most areas are just hallways are large boxes with a smattering of random items and meaningless glowing machinery.

    - Very nice lighting, shadows and bloom.

    - Interface is designed fairly well. I like the minimalistic graphical approach. Actual navigation works well enough.

    - CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! (not that I expected else wise, but still...)

    - Voice acting is iffy at times, but not a huge concern.

    - The design of the mothership looks uncomfortably similar to the mothership design in Homeworld.

    - Objects and low-walls didn't disappear when they obstructed my view, only certain high-walls did. I found this very annoying and unacceptable as I was forced to swivel my camera around multiple times in order to get a view of items and my character. Stupid design decision, but luckily one that shouldn't be hard to fix before release or after release with a patch.

    - The game has nice physics, if a bit floaty. If objects had a little more weight to them it'd be very nice.

    - It's just a demo level so hopefully there is more varied gameplay to be had in the full version, but I fear they aren't even attempting to do something beyond the standard clickfest gameplay to separate themselves from other games both past, present and future. If it's just a clickfest in the retail release, I'd rather just wait for Diablo 3 and wear out my mouse with it instead.

    Also, the game ran well on my system at 2048x1536 with noAA and 16xAF. There were a few dips when there was a lot of smoke on the screen (fill rate limitation, I guess), and a few dips during heavy action, but overall it was smooth and completely playable. Lack of AA doesn't bother me.