Rock Band DLC: Scars on Broadway, Staind, The New No. 2, Testament

Developer Harmonix today announced next week's batch of downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Rock Band on the game's official forums.

Described by Harmonix as "a nice little cross section of tracks," the set includes:

  • Scars on Broadway - "They Say"
  • Staind - "This Is It"
  • Testament - "Electric Crown"
  • The New No. 2 - "Yomp"

The Scars on Broadway, Staind, and Testament tracks are priced at 160 Microsoft Points ($1.99) per download, while The New No. 2's "Yomp" is priced at 80 Microsoft Points ($.99). All four songs are master tracks.

The content will be available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace beginning Tuesday, July 29. The PlayStation 3's online PlayStation Store will see the addition of the songs on the following Thursday, July 31.