Peggle Heads to DS via Rez, Lumines Dev. Q

BOOM widget 69696Casual games publisher PopCap has announced that its beloved bouncing ball simulator Peggle will arrive on Nintendo DS this winter, with the game's development being handled by acclaimed Japanese studio Q Entertainment (Rez, Lumines, Meteos).

The DS edition is expected to carry a $29.95 price point, more levels than any past Peggle game, "features unique to the DS version," and what PopCap referred to as "a wealth of surprise additions sure to please die-hard fans and novice players alike."

Already released on PC, Mac and iPod, the Pachinko-esque offerings of Peggle, which require players to eliminate colored pegs, have won over many a cold-hearted gamer despite its use of unicorns, rainbows, and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy."

A DS edition of Peggle was rumored earlier this year. At the time, PopCap noted that a Nintendo DS version had not yet been approved, but that it was "eager to bring its peg-popping pleasures to as many appropriate platforms and devices as possible."

A downloadable Xbox 360 edition of Peggle is in the works as well, though it has missed its tentative Q2 2008 release window, with a PC sequel, dubbed Peggle Nights, also known to be in development.