Age of Conan Rolls Out Limited Guest Pass Program

By Chris Faylor, Jul 23, 2008 4:20pm PDT Nearly two months after Age of Conan hit retailers, developer Funcom has launched "the first part" of its buddy program for the PC MMO, allowing select buyers to invite non-subscribing friends into the game for up to seven days.

Though all retail copies of the mature multiplayer role playing game came packed with the promise of a 7-day guest pass, only those who purchased the Collector's Edition can currently obtain passes from their account page. Up to five guest passes are available for CE owners.

The program "will soon open up for the Buddy key found in the standard retail box as well," Funcom wrote on the game's official community site.

The studio suggests that friends lend out their Age of Conan install discs to invited buddies, though it is also offering "a $2.99/€2.99 client download with 3 additional days of playtime to cover the download time."

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  • Age of Conan is a game with potential. However, potential is meaningless if it is not realized. Two months out of the gate and the game is still a paid beta. Content is missing, bugs are everywhere, and everything beyond level 40 screams of, "Put me back in the oven for another 2 months!"

    Age of Conan is also a great example of developer hype and broken promises. The buddy keys at launch? Two months and only the CE owners get them. DirectX 10? Someday. Revolutionary PvP? Nowhere to be found. Balance? Mature themes? The spirit of Robert E. Howard? End-game content? The fugitive/murder PvP system promised for launch, then promised for the end of June? All missing.

    I warn everyone who is planning on trying out the buddy key trial: THE FIRST 20 LEVELS ARE NOTHING LIKE THE REST OF THE GAME. Do not play through the first city of the game and assume the rest will be as polished or as fun. As soon as you leave the starter island, the game transitions from interesting to typical. You've been warned.