E3 2009 Planned Despite Criticism

By Aaron Linde, Jul 23, 2008 11:46am PDT Amidst criticism from publishers, developers and media alike, the Entertainment Software Association revealed that it plans to carry on with the E3 Media and Business Summit next year.

"As we do every year, we're beginning the process of surveying exhibitors and attendees to determine potential changes to the summit," an ESA representative told GameSpot. "Once this is completed and shared with the ESA's Board of Directors, we will make an announcement about the specifics of the [E3 2009], which will occur."

Following last week's E3 2008, several industry figures have since spoken out on the relevance of the exhibition. Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello plainly stated he hated the conference, which has seen drastic revisions over the last few years.

"Either we need to go back to the old E3, or we'll have to have our own private events," Riccitiello told the San Francisco Chronicle.

First held in 1995, the annual show had traditionally appeared at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the third week of May. The ESA moved E3 to Santa Monica in July of 2007, restricting attendance to an invitation-only arrangement.

The event returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2008, though the restricted admittance policies of the previous year and July dates remained.

"I don't think E3 is as exciting as the products that are within it," Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences president Joseph Olin told Shacknews. "I think, perhaps [at] the old E3, the frame overpowered the print. And now, I think it really is the opportunity to focus on the work, which is the most important thing."

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  • During E3 I wasn't really that impressed by what was shown. After taking a bit more time and looking into some of the titles that were shown we are getting a lot of awesome NEW properties. They just were not shown correctly or with enough hype.

    Games like Mirror's Edge, new Prince of Persia, Infamous and other 3rd party games stole the show for me but didn't get the spotlight that the sequels got. Nearly every title the Big 3 revealed were sequels and they just fell flat for the most part.

    Sony: Yeas LBP is awesome just give it to me already!
    Nintendo: Do SOMETHING new please.
    Microsoft: Don't fix what ain't broke and let me keep the old blade system.