Who Will Play The Watchmen

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 23, 2008 6:23am PDT

Variety reports that Warner Brothers will supplement the release of the Watchmen movie next year with a pair of downloadable action games featuring the characters Rorschach and Nite Owl.

The first of these games (PC, PS3, X360) will be released when the movie hits theaters next March, with the second installment following the DVD release. If succesful, additional episodes will be created.Development of the Watchmen games is being handled by Danish developer Deadline Games. The company is best known for 2005's Total Overdose, and the upcoming Faith and a .45.Variety's own Cut Scene blog has more information per an interview with Warner Bros. Interactive's Samantha Ryan. According to Ryan, though downloadable, these games will not be like an "Xbox Live Arcade title where we're recreating 'Tetris' or a simple fighter." Instead, "The graphics look as good as any traditional PS3 or 360 game sitting on the shelf at retail."As for why downloadable? "[Watchmen] deserves some tender loving care. With over a year to go, some people would have said 'Sign me up for a retail sku.' Maybe for a kids game, that would be fine. Not for 'Watchmen.'"

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