Morning Discussion

by Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Jul 22, 2008 6:34am PDT

The news is certainly more interesting than it was yesterday, as we clear the shadow of E3. Although, some are calling it more shade than shadow.

We're finding out more about LittleBigPlanet for PS3 as it gets closer, and the content distribution model sounds really neat. With both this and Spore pushing user created content, it will be interesting to see how their success applies to further adoption of the trend.

  • HTML Chatty Menz

    I am trying to parse through the shack comments and where the hell is the content for the replies?

    The comment HTML looks a bit like this:

    <li id="item_17495565" class="last">
    <div class="oneline oneline0 olmod_ontopic olauthor_193188">
    <a href="laryn.x?id=17495565" onclick="return clickItem( 17494406, 17495565 );"><span class="oneline_body">"I'll give you a quarter for everything on the table." I say that at every yard sale I happen to walk by...</span> :</a> <a href="/profile/andre+GiANT" class="oneline_user">andre GiANT</a>

    Clicking a reply calls clickItem, which actually pulls the comment out of an invisible iframe, I think. but it seems so snappy that it couldn't possibly be loading new iframe content from the server everytime you click on a comment. Surely I don't have to query the server everytime I want the know the full body of a single comment?

    It's for a thing that I won't reveal yet, but should make some shackers happy.

    Where's my /latestchatty.xml :(