Nvidia to ATI: Lets Align Our Marketing Plans

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 18, 2008 10:59am PDT

That anti-trust suit against Nvidia and ATI from back in 2006 is still ongoing, with some interesting developments occuring recently. The two graphics chip manufacturers were hoping to keep certain evidence from being presented to a jury, but Judge William Alsup was not impressed. Especially since this was emailed by Nvidia's Dan Vivoli to ATI's Dave Orton in 2002:

"I really think we should work harder together on the marketing front. As you and I have talked about, even though we are competitors, we have the common goal of making our category a well positioned, respected playing field. $5 and $8 stocks are a result of no respect."

The ongoing class action suit alleges that ATI (now AMD) and Nvidia kept prices artificially high by releasing products at the same time and at similar prices. NVidia recently slashed prices after ATI released a highly competitive video card at a much lower price point.

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  • both of these companies stand to benefit from price fixing.

    however, i recall reading that there was another reason for their collusion: that graphics chips are expensive to design, and that both companies were having to "work too hard" in order to make better cards than the other while making money at the same time. the race towards higher transistor counts, smaller fabrication methods, and future product applications seems like a big pain in the ass.

    Has anyone else heard about this? of course ATI and NVIDIA wanted money, but did they also work together to call-off their "arms race" which may have been stressing the R&D process and taking a bite out of profits?

  • hows about this -people who cant afford or handle stress from pcs just shh and play the consoles they are happy with, and well just use our pcs like we always have and try not to get annoyed by constant console PR section digs towards pc gaming dying - if they used more than the north american retail market to judge figures would be more credible. Pr people wont mention any place they dont look good in.
    we have no pr people paid to try get people from other consoles or make us look good, but ea and valve recently stated that sales have never dropped for them on pc a steady increase

    why would they be releasing saints row 2 burnout etc in october if not a good idea, pc gaming will survive
    not in retail shops though. and then theres more than games, anything u want to do on the pc u can learn

    i sold my gtx start of june for 140 i like to think i got a good run out of it and it ran fine games with my old athlon 3000 as well as coreduo later, i feel i can buy a card when it looks like it wil last a few years at top.
    sum shit just cost a lot, pay for it or go sumwhere else, not a market for nubes or ppl stapped for cash. worst time to buy pc hardware would be the year or two after consoles come out as they using pc tech from a bit ahead logically youd be dumb to buy around then

    do yous honestly think every corporation plays fair, i bet next to none have spotless historys, every advert is just to make/con u too buy stuff, even if occasional one makes up fancy words and over exaggerates thing to get u to buy it. get over it shhh the only annoying thing is ppl bitching

    p.s i am on coreduo 2160 and radeon 2600 ii can play assasins creed all setting high fine 1024 *768 card cpu and mobo from shop 110 roughly less now that was 5 months ago, if it runs on consoles right now itll run on this cheap rig, and 100 quid for a 9600 wil run everything

  • They decide to lower prices after the pc market starts falling apart and everyone is shaking their wii. I left pc for a long time because I wasn't going to shell out $400-500 for a mid grade card (helping the fat man get fatter) f' that! Hell, I'll play my $400 console first. Anyway, it is nice to see them coming to their senses (amazing what legal action will do, I guess lawyers do have a place in this world). I couldn't believe Ati's new card prices, I was wondering how they were able drop the price to $200-300 now I know. Oh, well I love my new card!