Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Jul 17, 2008 12:11am PDT

So how is E3 treating you? The breaking news is pretty much all out there, but we'll still have plenty more video and hands-on impressions for you. Why just in the past day we've spent time with Halo Wars,

Crysis Warhead,

Dawn of War 2,

Chrono Trigger DS,


Champions Online,

Empire: Total War


Resident Evil 5

. Plus we have news regarding the new Duke Nukem trilogy for DS and PSP, BioShock PS3 along with the first announcement of Pikmin 3.

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  • Fallen Empire: Legions - pretty cool. Played a couple of CTF matches last night, and a long Deathmatch/Experimentation match today. Lagged pretty bad last night, but was smooth today. Depends on the host. Nice physics for a <50mb browser game. I think the Chaingun rounds travel too slowly, the Cluster Grenades are like whopping enemies with feather pillows (but the airburst effect looks VERY cool), and the rockets travel a little slow, but there's some real fun to be had. I'll be playing more in the coming days. Throw AxeMan808 on your Friends list if you like.