Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Jul 17, 2008 12:11am PDT

So how is E3 treating you? The breaking news is pretty much all out there, but we'll still have plenty more video and hands-on impressions for you. Why just in the past day we've spent time with Halo Wars,

Crysis Warhead,

Dawn of War 2,

Chrono Trigger DS,


Champions Online,

Empire: Total War


Resident Evil 5

. Plus we have news regarding the new Duke Nukem trilogy for DS and PSP, BioShock PS3 along with the first announcement of Pikmin 3.

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  • Since Batman isn't out here for a while, I thought I'd watch The Prestiege again. Fantastic movie, and I've watched it quite a few times now. This time though, something struck me.
    Do people think that the Tesla Cloning-machine is real ? I realized that the only person who says how it works - either in his diary, or as he is dying - is Angier, both times to Borden, who he is trying to trick.

    He says that the world is simple and I wonder if we should treat his account with suspicion.

    In fact, the whole Tesla thing could just be a story - it's always been a large co-incidence that the code word would lead him to the machine. Instead of waiting for an amazing contraption to be built, he could have been paying Root insane amounts of money to clean up, and swap every night, like Borden.

    We only see one body in the tank at the end - maybe it's just Root's? As he says, We want to be fooled...