Borderlands Detailed Live from the Take-Two Presser

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford revealed more details on his company's upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Borderlands today at the Take-Two press conference. nope The game is billed as a cooperative shooter, with randomized items and level-based progression in the vein of Diablo.


  • Takes place on the planet Pandora.
  • "Soldier" and "Hunter" classes.
  • Halo-like dune buggies were shown, with two players cooperating to drive around and shoot at enemies.
  • Large level bar displayed on the bottom of the screen--like a first person Diablo.
  • Characters are persistent. Higher level characters can jump in and out of lower-level games created by friends.
  • Over half a million weapons--procedurally generated. A revolver sniper rifle was spawned during the demo that even surprised Pitchford.
  • One of the weapons had an electrical effect that exploded on contact. One weapon will be able to melt faces a la Raiders.
  • Plenty of gore and limb loss.
  • A cavernous mine "dungeon" was shown, with tribes of humanoid enemies to destroy.
  • At one point the game shifted into a cutscene as part of the overall story arc.
  • A lot of alien wildlife to deal with. A mad cow-like animal was shown.

We'll be getting our hands on the game later today and uploading the video walkthrough, so check back for more on Borderlands.