EA Sports: 'How We're Evolving' with Dynamic DNA, All-Play Label Detailed

EA Sports president Peter Moore took the stage at EA's E3 press briefing today to show "how we're evolving" to reach current and new customers.

Former NBA star Bill Walton appeared to help Moore demonstrate NBA Live 09 with two other EA representatives. After Walton's long, long diatribe about sports and NBA ended--"That was completely different than what we did in rehearsal," said Moore--the four showed off the game's Dynamic DNA feature.

NBA Live 09 uses daily statistic updates during the season to bring more realistic player performance to the title.

Referred to as Dynamic DNA, the feature breaks down into three categories: player tendencies, team DNA to show how team interactions differ, and daily roster updates to reflect the latest trades. The data itself hails directly from the NBA.

Moore also detailed the All-Play label for its Wii sports games during its press conference at E3. The label will cover five of its major sports franchises on the Wii, with the goal of making the games more approachable for casual players.

Tiger Woods was demonstrated first. In All-Play mode, wind, club selection and other complicated systems are simply taken out of play, presenting more of a challenge for players who leave it off. A direct putting line was available for the user in All-Play, while it is removed outside of the mode.