Will Wright Speaks on Spore

At the Electronic Arts press event, Maxis designer Will Wright talked on his upcoming evolutionary title Spore.

Wright spoke of his goal of merging science and creativity, and the "awe-inspiring" user-generated content of the Spore Creature Creator. Based on the Sims character creator, Wright estimated 100,000 creatures by the launch of the game, but that mark was reached in 22 hours, with 1,000,000 after a week.

Close to 2 million now exist in the database, a number that actually exceeds the total of known species on Earth. Wright mentioned that based on the pace, the fans have amounted to 38% of God's productivity, or, as he dubbed it, .38G.

The designer then went over a few surprising creatures that were created, including a skeleton and the Portal cube. 85,000 YouTube videos have been uploaded of Spore so far.

Wright also revealed that the SETI Institute was a major inspiration for the game. "In the future, we're going to be working very closely [with the SETI Institute]," he said.

A short trailer was then show. Check back later for the new footage.