Mirror's Edge: Beatable without Firing a Single Bullet

EA DICE's first-person action-adventure title Mirror's Edge (PC, PS3, 360) was shown at today's EA E3 press event.

The demonstration was identical to that shown at the Game Developers Conference, with one minor difference. This time around, the PlayStation 3 version was demoed, instead of the Xbox 360 version.

Reaction time, which slows down the game a la bullet time, was used to make an extremely long jump. An EA DICE representative also noted that reaction time can be used to perform more advanced combat moves.

"You can beat the whole game without firing a single bullet," the company revealed, stating that the feat will be one of the game's many achievements.

A new trailer was shown as well, highlighting protagonist Faith's ability to fire weapons while performing acrobatic maneuvers. In this instance, Faith fired a shotgun upwards while she was sliding near a guard.