BioWare: DLC, Gamer Loyalty Can Squelch Piracy

By Aaron Linde, Jul 08, 2008 12:31pm PDT In an era in which game piracy prompts formerly PC-exclusive studios to make the leap to consoles, Mass Effect developer BioWare has an alternative strategy to buck piracy: provide add-on content for its games and promote simple consumer loyalty.

"We're doing a lot of post-release downloadable content on all of our PC titles going forward," BioWare co-CEO Ray Muzyka told MTV Multiplayer. "We think it's a good thing to encourage players to make them want to buy a PC title.

"That's ultimately the best, most successful path to prevent piracy—to have players that want your games, want to believe in them and think they're high-quality and realize they're going to get a lot of value out of them as platforms for long time afterwards," Muzyka added.

It appears likely that the studio's next effort Dragon Age—which the studio plans to unveil tomorrow—will feature some sort of built-in copy protection, similar to the recently released PC version of its sci-fi RPG Mass Effect.

While even those games with the most draconian digital rights management protocols are often eventually cracked, the advent of downloadable content and new features delivered via patch updates have made legitimate copies of titles much more attractive to would-be software pirates.

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  • I haven't heard amazing things about Bring Down the Sky from my friends who have the 360 version, but then again most of them didn't like Mass Effect much. Imo, the small touches that Deimurge added to the port make a huge difference in the combat and there are a few other slight fix-ups that make the experience nicely smoother and really let ME's immersion/storyline/universe seep through.

    Btw, I wouldn't recommend getting in a tizzy of any sort over the lack of Bring Down the Sky yet- be patient. This news post indicates that it seems they are planning on releasing the rest of Mass Effect's DLC on the PC in the same manner (aka, free), so unless you feel like shelling-out $10 for the next pack then stfu and don't scare them off.