EA DICE Talks Battlefield: Bad Company Updates; Conquest Mode Next, Possible Patch After

Following last month's release of Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3, 360), developer EA DICE has issued an update regarding its upcoming support for the game. nope

At present, the team is working on the much-requested addition of the franchises' traditional Conquest multiplayer mode. That pack is currently undergoing certification and testing, and will be added to the game as free downloadable content.

Once work on the Conquest Pack is concluded, the studio will devote more resources to the complaints with the game's online performance. While DICE doesn't know if it will be able to address the problems, it will be looking the following:

  • Clan support/private rooms/team chat
  • Auto balancing on servers
  • Continued support against stats exploits
  • VOIP issue on PS3 (working with Sony on this)
  • Squads might be split up when joining a server as a squad. This is due to team balancing in the games that are being joined, and usually resolves itself in round 2.

"We would like to let you know that we are reading and listening to all of your feedback," the studio wrote on the game's official site. "We are very aware of the different issues you have told us you find most important."

Thanks to hoov1185 for the tip.