The Who Details Upcoming Rock Band DLC

Following up on this morning's revelation that PS3 and 360 Rock Band owners will be receiving a best-of The Who compilation, the band has detailed the bundle's 12 tracks.

Compiled with the assistance of surviving band members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, the pack serves as a replacement for the promised release of The Who's entire "Who's Next" album as DLC, which proved impossible due to missing master tracks.

The Best of The Who Rock Band Edition (All Master Tracks):

  1. Amazing Journey
  2. Baba O'Riley
  3. Behind Blue Eyes
  4. Eminence Front
  5. Going Mobile
  6. Leaving Here
  7. My Generation (Live At Leeds) -- "Special edited version"
  8. Real Good Looking Boy
  9. Sea & Sand
  10. Summertime Blues (Live At Leeds)
  11. Who Are You
  12. Young Man Blues (Live At Leeds)

Available to Xbox 360 gamers on Tuesday, July 15, each song will sell individually for $1.99, with the whole package going for $19.99. The band claims the PlayStation 3 pack will hit the same day, though it is more likely that it will, as all past Rock Band PS3 DLC, arrive the following Thursday, July 17.