Microsoft Not Doing Enough for PC Gaming, Says Blizzard Executive

Blizzard Entertainment COO Paul Sams criticized hardware manufacturer Microsoft's stewardship of the PC gaming market, suggesting that the company could do more to advance the platform.

"Well, their gaming focus is very much on the [Xbox] 360," Sams told Gamasutra. "And that makes sense, cause they're a hardware manufacturer as well as a software developer. And so they've got a lot of money and investment tied up in that system."

Sams referred to remarks made by Blizzard design VP Rob Pardo, who said at last week's Paris GDC that Microsoft's involvement in PC gaming amounts to "lip service", and that the company is more closely focused on supporting the Xbox 360.

"And I kind of look at it and say to myself, and I think similarly to Rob, is that it would be great if they put more emphasis on the Windows operating system... and they would say that they are, but I think that there's more that can be done."

"It makes sense to me, what they're doing, they're putting their energy and focus against the 360. That's where their huge R&D dollars are that they have to earn out on and that's where I think their gaming bread and butter is right now," Sams concluded.