Cryptic Teases Star Trek Online Reveal

By Chris Faylor, Jun 30, 2008 3:16pm PDT The mystery of which studio is handling Star Trek Online may soon be at an end, going by a new countdown clock on Cryptic Studios' website. The countdown, which concludes on July 28, uses an early piece of STO concept art as its background.
Left, Star Trek Online concept art. Right, Cryptic Studios' website.

Originally under development at Perpetual Entertainment, the PC MMO was transferred to an unknown studio when Perpetual closed shop earlier this year.

Rumors soon began circulating that City of Heroes and Champions Online developer Cryptic would be handling the game and was hiring former Perpetual employees. Those reports are technically unverified, though the countdown implies their validity.

Thanks to Binge Gamer for the heads up regarding the countdown.

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  • I just wanted to throw my two cents into the mix. I have followed this game since the first announcement of the game a couple of years ago. Of course no one knows what Cyrptic is going to do with the game until they tell us but, we can tell you some of the ideas that were introduced before.

    Ideas like having two ways of advancing your character. You would advance your skills levels in whatever class or "department" you choose and you would also advance in rank as you continue your career. Eventually all the way up to Admiral. The admirals would also recieve "big picture" missions that they would then break into smaller missions for players with the rank of captain in the game, who would then create smaller missions for other players of lower ranks.

    Although there was talk of having groups of characters control ships together in the greater environment that was decided against in favor of allowing each character to have their own ship and control it themselves. Unfortunately in the opinion of many people you would not ever be able to acquire a galaxy class ship as those ships with various stations and planets would be "hubs" (think cities.)

    The setting of the game was twenty years after the last movie that was produced and there was a new war with a new alien race brewing in the universe. With this in mind and remembering the Dominion war that was actually rather recent, Star Fleet has become a little more militant (i.e. read more conflict for the players.)

    Of course, Cryptic may change everything. But that is part of the excitement in the wait. I just thought that I would drop a little bit of information into your laps that reflected the reality of what has come before.

  • To add to the speculation, here's what they might consider when creating the advancement scheme for the game.

    First off: Leveling options

    1) At some point, split off Rank Advancement from skill advancement. Around the same time that you'd be getting a capital ship to command, there's going to have to be a different ranking system from the basic leveling scheme. Everyone gets to be captain of the USS Grissom, but not everyone gets to fly the USS Galaxy or the Enterprise. It would fit the lore and also fit most seafaring traditions. There are lots of guys ranked Captain, but only a few Captains of the List (being considered for Admiral in their careers), and Captains of the List tend to get the supercool ships, while other Captains might end up running a science vessel for most of their careers. While the separate ladder would be like the PvP ranks ladders we all know, it wouldn't be attached to PvP, necessarily.

    2) Everyone gets a runabout to begin with. In a galaxy as populated as this one, 5-6,000 players with their own personal runabouts is a drop in the bucket, and completely feasible. On the other hand, Runabouts have short ranges, which means that if you want to go to the (higher level) expanded parts of the galaxy you're going to need to either group up on a larger ship, OR get to a point where you have command of your own.

    One point that even Star Trek lore doesn't cover is this: If you were seriously, SERIOUSLY to make a go of covering Federation space, you would need hundreds of Enterprises and triple that number in smaller capital ships. Given the vast population of the Federation, thousands of planets and star systems worth of resources, and the advanced technology, it is silly to think that the Enterprise only has 20-30 sister ships. These aren't aircraft carriers patrolling one planet's seas, after all.

    I don't think the problems with "too many captains" is as broad as people think.

  • I see a real dull boring MMO thats going to be massive at first due to the fans of the show and movies then do an epic drop and be closed with in a year.

    The Info we know says you walk around as the crew of one of the many ships and do crew things so what that means is walking around doing sod all for hours on end.

    Hell the Prime Directive means nothing in startrek every thing they ever did broke that i mean any one see voyager they destroyed the book and made a new one how to pull bullshit form your ass to do what you like even if you brake every space and time rule there is.