Blizzard WWI Announcement Approaches (Updated)

Update: The penultimate splash image has gone live and is mirrored below, complete with a new smiley-face rune and.. a piece of horn? Also copied is the already-released, completed concept art teaser. nope Original story: Blizzard Entertainment--the developers of WarCraft, Diablo, and StarCraft--is set to make a major product announcement at the opening of its World Wide Invitational in Paris tomorrow.

The show will begin at 11:45am Paris time, which translates to 5:45am EST and 2:45am PST. Blizzard is providing a live stream of the event on its official website.

Rumors abound that Diablo III will be the game revealed, with plenty of fan art based on the daily-morphing Blizzard.com splash image (ex. left) fueling the fire. The next image will apparently go live when the game is announced.

We'll be closely identifying every detail ourselves, so stay awhile and listen for up-to-the-minute news. Theorize on what the announcement might be like you're debating socket strategies. Hit that refresh button as if you were fast-casting meteor.