Bundled Peripherals Coming to EA Sports Titles

Electronic Arts producer David McCarthy revealed that the company plans to integrate bundled peripherals into select EA Sports titles, Gamasutra reports.

Discussing the EA Sports brand's move to the Wii and other new platforms, McCarthy said that the studio arm would incorporate peripherals in a fashion similar to Harmonix's Rock Band.

"I think you'll see games using that Rock Band peripheral strategy from EA Sports, even within the next 12 months," McCarthy stated at a Paris GDC lecture.

Though McCarthy would not directly specify what sort of peripherals EA Sports may be planning, he added that "[y]ou have to be careful with it, because RockBand, that's a great peripheral, but it's a big expensive box."

The Wii has proven a fertile market for both licensed and unlicensed peripherals and extensions to the console's Wii Remote. Manufacturers such as PDP regularly produce "sports packs" of plastic sport equipment attachments, though such products rarely add any additional functionality to the controller.