Meet the Sniper in Latest Team Fortress 2 Vignette, Pyro Update Details Arrive Tomorrow

While the achievements and unlockables for the Pyro class hit Team Fortress 2 this Thursday, developer Valve wants to make sure you're familiar with the Sniper as well.

In case you aren't well acquainted with some of the other classes, be sure to Meet the Scout, Meet The Demoman, Meet The Engineer, Meet The Soldier, and Meet the Heavy. The remaining three classes--Pyro, Medic, Spy--are expected to receive their long-awaited and undoubtedly humorous introductions in due time.

Though Meet the Sniper was originally slated to debut alongside the details of Thursday's update, including a list of Pyro achievements and weapon details, Valve informed Shacknews that those details are now slated to arrive tomorrow, June 18.

That said, the following footage contains a brief glimpse of one of the Pyro's new unlockable weapons. For a better look, scope out our screengrabs and looped footage of the device. Registered users can use the HD Stream.