Team Fortress 2 Pyro Update Coming This Thursday; Free Weekend Kicks Off Friday

By Aaron Linde, Jun 16, 2008 2:29pm PDT Update 2: All the details on the Pyro update, including achievement, new weapons and the two community maps, are now available.

Update: Valve has released the Meet the Sniper vignette. The studio also informed Shacknews that additional details on the Pyro update, including a list of achievements and unlockables, will not arrive until Wednesday, June 18.

Original Story: Valve has announced that the Pyro class update for its online multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 will be released this Thursday, June 19.

The update includes three unlockable weapons—such as the previously unveiled Axtinguisher—which can be obtained via 35 new class-specific achievements. Valve has previously stated that the Pyro update will also include "significant changes" to the core class which will be enacted regardless of whether players have the new weapons.

In addition to the new weapons and achievements, two community-created maps for the game will be included in the update. To tide players over til Thursday, Valve also plans to release Meet the Sniper, the latest video in its series of comedic class profiles, tomorrow morning.

The developer also revealed that it will hold another Team Fortress 2 free weekend, allowing players who haven't yet purchased the title to play the game for free from Friday morning through Sunday evening. During that time, players can download and play Team Fortress 2 from Valve's downloadable PC gaming platform Steam free of charge.

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  • Well i read through a bunch of posts about this game on this site, and i love TF2, i think it is one of the most unique and fun games that i have played in a long time. And i have played CS since beta 4, dod, all source games, i'm just giving you my credentials on what makes a fun/good game.

    Things that make the game lame:
    1. No respawn time. If you don't have respawn time it just makes the game a death match, and there are better games to play than this for that. And makes you get bored of the game really fast.
    2. My friend turned me onto scripts for this game, an do they make a huge difference the funness. For instance, when im a medic i dont have to hold down the mouse button to heal people. when i have the healing gun out it auto heals who ever im aimed at, i just have to click the button to change target if needs be.
    The Q button switches between primary weapon and secondary weapon only.
    my soilder auto reloads his rocket launcher, do we really have to push a button to reload, ghey
    my soider jump ducks fires with right mouse button
    my spy changes to a different class every time i stab automatically
    my demoman auto reloads/ rightmouse button pipe jumps auto
    my engi auto pulls out his build items with numbers and bangs away until built,

    These are just a few examples that make this game more enjoyable for me, and i think should be standard options for everybody.
    this would really make the game better and doesn't affect game play.

    3. Achievements are LAME to unlock weapons. its not very fun to sit in the stupid achievement boxes. to get really lame goals accomplished. One person suggested to use points to unlock weapons. I like that Idea.

    Other thoughts
    1. make a freeze character

    2. make an adrenalin character

    TF2 has a great foundation, but they can do so much to improve this game and really make it long lasting, i could even see this game as a fun RPG/mmo/fps type game. and even someday a virtual reality game.

    And as for people saying that we shouldn't say anything because it is free... is recockulas. Good ideas are good ideas, and everything should be taken into consideration to make anything better.