MS Documents: Xbox 360 Getting Mii-like Avatars

By Chris Faylor, Jun 16, 2008 7:09am PDT The Xbox 360 will soon gain a series of customizable player avatars, going by NeoGAF and Xbox 360 Fanboy coverage of a massive internal document leak from marketing survey and research firm Intellisponse.

Appearing quite similar to the customizable Mii system used in the Nintendo Wii, "Avatars" are said to replace the Xbox 360's existing gamer pictures and are supposedly due out this holiday season. Below are some descriptions directly from Intellisponse:

"Avatars" are digital personals available this holiday for all Xbox LIVE connected members and this spring for all new console owners. "Avatars" will be used in place of the gamer picture you have today and give you a much more lifelike, animated and fully customizable persona for you to reflect who you are online.

With hundreds of clothing options to choose from your "Avatar" can truly reflect you each and every day!

Spend a few minutes or a few hours building and outfitting your "Avatar" to reflect the real you. The choice is yours.

Your "Avatar" will represent you as you jump into various arcade and retail games. You'll be playing in the games!

It is unclear as to what Microsoft may do with its existing gamer picture system, especially as many gamer pictures are sold for a fee in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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  • I think the Mii Idea is actually a great idea but I don't think Nintendo or other developers have used it as well as they could. Maybe MS can pull it off better?

    My thought was that if you have a Mii-like avatar where the creation software has WAY more and more detailed options to build your avatar. I'd also like to see them a bit less cartoony and somewhat more realistic. But what would be great if games took advantage of the avatar system by instead of just dropping your Mii into the game directly... map the pieces to parts that fit the style of the game. So... for example... and RPG like Oblivion that has a character creator could take the catalog of avatar 'parts' and map it directly to choices in their character creator software. So your toon in the game... would look very similar to your Mii-like avatar.. but using the models and textures from the actual game. And if you have a bunch of Mii's on your Wii or 360... or whatever... they could do the same for NPC's etc. So you would be playing the game and see people who look like avatars on your console.

    I don't own a Wii... so maybe somebody has already done this... but if they haven't.. then I don't understand why not. I think it would work well (especially on the Wii... where they have been part of the system since release... so they are there to use by any developer). Maybe Nintendo doesn't let developers have that kind of access to the system...? Not sure.