Rock Band 2 Revealed in Age of Conan PR (Updated)

Update: When questioned, Rock Band distributor Electronic Arts provided Shacknews with a response that neither confirms nor denies claims of a Rock Band sequel and Turbonegro's involvement.

"We have not currently announced any future titles, nor have we announced any plans for Turbonegro to be featured in the world of Rock Band at this time," the company stated.

Original Story: A sequel to Harmonix's multi-instrument music title Rock Band in the works and will feature at least one track from Scandinavian punk rockers Turbonegro, according to an announcement from Age of Conan developer Funcom. Yes, you read that right.

While Funcom has no involvement whatsoever in the Rock Band series, it recently revealed that three Turbonegro songs appear in the first official Age of Conan soundtrack release. Listing the band's work in the press release, Funcom noted several television appearances "as well as the game Rock Band II."

Rock Band II has not yet been announced by series developer Harmonix, studio owner MTV Games or distributor Electronic Arts. Though Funcom's credibility in this field may be questionable, an eventual Rock Band sequel is undoubtedly on the way.

Bad Religion is also believed to be involved with the project, as guitarist and songwriter Brett Gurewitz wrote on his twitter that the band was "putting the finishing touches on 'Sorrow' for Rock Band 2."

Musical groups have a long history of revealing involvement with products before they are officially announced, but they are not always entirely accurate. Earlier this year, Def Leppard suggested it would be featured in Guitar Hero 4, though the tracks later turned out to be downloadable content for Guitar Hero 3.

A record label also claimed that At the Drive-In would appear in Guitar Hero 4, but caused confusion as the included information was grossly inaccurate.

Turbonegro has yet to appear in Rock Band in any form. The band is not known to be part of the game's upcoming downloadable content lineup, though downloadable tracks are generally announced five days in advance of their release.

Speaking of downloadable content, developer Harmonix has previously said that it hopes to make future Rock Band games compatible with any DLC released thus far.

As Rock Band II has not been formally revealed, a release date and platforms are unknown. However, many speculate the title will focus on music creation, a la the upcoming Guitar Hero 4, and is likely to hit the same systems as the original: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Shacknews has contacted Harmonix, MTV Games and Electronic Arts for more information.