Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Coming to DS

In one of the more peculiar news updates to hit the Shacknews inbox, Gammick Entertainment and EnjoyUp have announced Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, a new action title for the Nintendo DS. Screenshots were also provided. nope

There's really no way to paraphrase this, so we'll let Barcelona-based publisher Gammick Entertainment do the talking for us.

After finishing with a ferocious wolf, the story ended and the nightmare began. Little "Ready to Rock" Riding Hood and her friend Momotaro face the greatest threat that has ever besieged folk tales.

Discover why Granny has become a horrible green monster, why Pinoccio is now a blood thirsty cyborg, or how Prince Charming woke up Sleeping Beauty... along with her thirst for blood!

Other enemies in the game include Zombzilla and Santa Claus. Release date and North American publishing details were not provided within the announcement.