Plans For a Third Dungeon Siege

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 07, 2008 1:10am PDT

Speaking to Eurogamer, Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor has revealed that the company will develop a third game in the Dungeon Siege series.Gas Powered Games is currently working on the sci-fi RPG Space Siege (PC), and design on that game will influence Dungeon Siege 3. "There will be some things that are very much like Dungeon Siege 1 and 2, but some things will be simplified. I am done with multi-character parties; I really think that it's all going to be about a single hero. It's too much to manage," Taylor is quoted as saying.In addition to Dungeon Siege and Space Siege, Gas Powered Games is also known for last year's ambitious strategy game Supreme Commander.

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  • Dungeon Siege 2 was an obvious improvement over Dungeon Siege 1 in many ways, but it was still inferior to Diablo 2 and in my opinion DS1as DS2 removed more features than it added.

    I compare every action rpg to Diablo 2 as that is by far the best one there is and I'm sure most people will agree.

    Dungeon Siege 2 improved Dungeon Siege by adding some sort of a skill tree, more and cooler loot, more special monsters, and just a more polished game in general. But Diablo 2 has those things and does it so much better as well as having 100 times more content to offer.

    But Diablo 2 hasn't got some of the things which Dungeon Siege 1 had like:
    - massive open ended world (talking about the multiplayer map here) where you could go anywhere you wanted to.
    - Incredible scenery and level design. I think the last level had you going deeper and deeper into a cave if I remember correctly, and half the time me and my friends just had to stop and look at how massive it all was.
    - Kickass level system. In DS1 if you were lvl 1 and killed a lvl 80 monster you would get all the exp of that lvl 80 monster. In almost all other games including Diablo 2 you'll get next to no exp from monsters outside your level range.

    What I would like to see in DS3 would be:
    - A huge world similar to that of DS1 with hidden caves, secret locations and much more
    - Loot generator similar to that of Diablo 2 with prefixes, suffixes allowing for inifite different rare and magic items.
    - A skillsystem similar to that of Diablo 2 where every skill is usable if you focus your items, skillpoints etc. on it allowing for infinite different builds for each class
    - A level system which doesn't punish you for killing monster higher levels than you
    - Runes, gems, socketing, pack mules and similar awesome content
    - Massive bosses in multiplayer requiring you to team up with other people
    - Closed (of course :p)

    I could go on forever.

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