Age of Conan Is 'Biggest MMO Launch Since WoW,' Ships One Million According to Developer

By Chris Faylor, Jun 06, 2008 8:07am PDT Continuing its trend of celebratory releases, developer Funcom announced today that Age of Conan has shipped, but not necessarily sold, over one million units worldwide.

Of that sum, nearly half have been shipped in the United States. The mature PC MMO launched roughly 3 weeks ago, hitting North America on May 20 Europe on May 23. An Xbox 360 edition is in the works, though no release estimate has been provided.

"Sales data shows that Age of Conan is the biggest MMO launch since World of Warcraft," Funcom marketing VP Morten Larssen noted. "The numbers are very promising, and we are very proud to be one of the fastest selling PC games ever in a launch month and the biggest simultaneous Europe/US MMO launch in history."

Known also for its work on The Longest Journey series, Funcom recently commented that the adventure franchise hasn't been abandoned, just placed "on the back burner" while it supports Age of Conan and continues development on other games, including its next MMO The Secret World

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  • basically this game is cool @ first then gets REALLY boring. the game plays like resident evil with all the damn loading. every corner u go around in this game is a load screen. i HATE that. the combos in this game are kinda cool, but quickly make no difference @ all if ur circle strafing in PvP. PvP is just gay in this game. once again magic users are OP. lol, why the fuck can't we get a working PvP in a MMO? single player in this game is meh at most. i'm only lvl 20, but getting there was boring. i have 3 toons all @ lvl 20 and i have 3 weeks left of my free month. once i get out of no0b island i'll make the call whether or not imma stick around. so far it's not looking good. there are locks of balancing that needs to be done. certain characters are just shit toons to play as. um, um, assassin... shhh. i used to look forward to coming home and playing away gheyly all nite in my mmo's, but playing this game is completely different. i don't really care to even log on. and if i do i'll prob only play for 1-2 hours max. i'm used to logging in and playing @ least 8 hours str8 without even thinking about it. i can only wait for Warhammer Online to come out in the next 3-4 months. hopefully that game i won't be a paying beta tester!