No 90-minute Cutscenes in MGS 4, Says Developer; Title Has Multiple Installs and 'Special Surprise'

Metal Gear Solid 4 developer Kojima Productions has allayed fears that the PS3-exclusive stealth-action title, due June 12, includes 90-minute cutscenes.

"There are no 90 minute cutscenes in [Metal Gear Solid 4]," associate producer Ryan Payton informed Kotaku. "The ending is long, but 90 minutes is a gross exaggeration. And here I thought gamers liked long endings!" nope

Reports of cinematics approaching 90-minutes in length first emerged from CVG and print magazine PSW, but were later denied by GamePro reviewer Sid Shuman. According to Shuman, MGS4 continues the series tradition of "elaborate and occasionally lengthy" cutscenes, though not one "even approaches 90 minutes."

Despite Shuman's denial, suspicions were once again raised when it was revealed that publisher Konami had requested some, but not all, advance reviewers to remain mum on cutscene length and installation size in their writeups.

In response, Payton said that "the game requires an eight minute install, as well as a number of two to three-minute installs between acts."

He further noted that "reviewers are [now] welcome to discuss the length of the cutscenes and install times," though the developer asks that writers "not get too specific about the cinematic times and what happens in later install sequences."

Payton also took the time to tease that he's "been so busy working on a special surprise for MGS4 buyers (that not even those who have leaked copies of the game can spoil! Haha!)" that he's been relatively unaware of the rumors surrounding the title.

"As a former writer, I'm proud of the discussion this topic has sparked," he concluded. "I do, however, hope gamers can appreciate the efforts we go through to keep them protected from reviewers that could spoil some of the MGS4 experience."