I Like Boobies

So, as the headline says... I like them. So much so that I'm apparently willing to walk

around Dallas to prove that I do. I actually told the wife I had a feeling that a

few people on this here website also like boobies and are willing to donate for them to

stay in this world. So in honor of that the wife and I

are asking a few of you to sponsor our race

for the cure this weekend. I mean, you do like boobies right? You must feel lucky

there are boobies in this world!

In the spirit of giving, I also encourage anyone who actually donates to post in the

comments pictures of your favorite boobies. I set the goal at $5,000 because I really

believe there are a lot of you guys who are generous and/or have been touched by this

personally. Sorry, they dont take PayPal. Annoying, yes. But then again so is cancer.